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Direct Communication. No 3rd party involved.

Psychiatric Clinicians

Permanent Positions

We collect, organize, and post all permanent psychiatry jobs we can find in the U.S., so you can filter and compare according to your preferences. Approximately 9,000 jobs are listed each week.

Locum, Moonlighting, Telepsychiatry

Search listings or sign up and designate where, when, and what pay rate you want. Employers find you if they can match your requirements.


Permanent Positions

Search clinicians already in the market in your area, or post a job for free and build a network of clinicians for your current and future positions.

Locum, Moonlighting, Telepsychiatry

Temporary and emergency staffing solutions through a network of clinicians. Easy online job posting and clinician sign up.

KetchMed has created a free and open platform for psychiatric clinicians and employers to efficiently connect across all job types

Permanent Locum Moonlighting Telepsychiatry Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration

  • Psychiatrists and advanced practice Clinicians


    • Find the best positions for your unique needs
    • Search jobs with our customized filters
    • Only receive information that fits your exact criteria


    • Search, post your job preferences, or communicate without revealing your identity
    • Eliminate exposure to unwanted solicitations


    • Make your own schedule across multiple job types
    • Negotiate your rates directly


    • Coverage provided for most job types
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  • Employers


    • Find clinicians that fit your job
    • Don’t waste time on non productive interviews
    • Build a market of available clinicians for your current and future positions

    Cost Effective:

    • Free job posting and hiring
    • Negotiate pay rate and terms directly
    • Avoid recruiter expenses


    • Cover your staffing needs across multiple job types
    • Staff temporary positions from one hour to months at a time

    Primary Care Providers:

    • Utilize our psychiatry consultation and training for your staff
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